A Beautiful Girl and A Prince

     Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Sarah, who lived with her step mother. She was a very domineering, greedy, and egoistical woman and hated Sarah so much.
     One day when her father was working out of town, the stepmother hit Sarah and expelled her from the house. Sarah went out from the house. Suddenly, she saw a big farm melon and went in it. After that she hid in a big melon.
     One day a prince, the owner of the farm, saw the big melon. He asked his guard to cut the melon. When the guard started to cut it, he heard a sound in it. Sarah said "Don't cut me, please!" "Who are you? don't be afraid, come out please." said the prince. When Sarah came out from the melon, the prince fell in love with her. He decided to marry her and they lived happily ever after.

Taken from: 
English module for grade 9th Junior High School

yah, itulah.. beautiful girl dan sang pangeran tampan..
selalu berakhir dengan kata hidup bahagia selamanya,
sayangnya dunia nyata ngga seindah dan sesimpel itu U.U


  1. Buka Google Translite dulu
    gak bisa bahasa madura saya :D


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